In a cozy, air-conditioned atmosphere, we invite you to discover a refined cuisine that combines the best local products and the know-how of a creative Chef. To accompany your meal, we offer a wide selection of wines from our cellar, for the pleasure of your palate.

Opening hours

6.00 / 10.30

11.30 / 13.30

19.00 / 22.00

Reservation at 40 46 38 99 or [email protected]

Why Le Velvet?

Who wouldn’t dream of leading their own brigade? It’s every cook’s dream or at least one of their professional goals! The reputation of this establishment is already established, but still needs to be heightened a little more. After 2 months, the new Executive Chef brings his personal touch to the kitchens of the Le Velvet restaurant.

His kitchen

Freshness, color, and refinement, that’s how his cuisine is summarized, right down to the plate selection. He is rigorous, original, and generous in the presentation of his dishes. He always strives to showcase products while maximizing their resources, thereby reducing waste. This chef feels close to nature and it shows in his cuisine. Igor is a chef who respects flavor and always strives to intensify it through techniques he loves, such as fermentation or dehydration.

“Cuisine should be put more in the foreground rather than being confined to the stove. I encourage my team to go to the dining room and be in contact with customers,” he says.

One of his goals is to “feed the local gastronomic scene” even more by bringing his experience and touch of “nature” with a sometimes unconventional presentation, resulting in a surprising taste. This is just the beginning!