The Dhana Spa invite you to a delicious sensory journey to discover some frangrances and traditionnal polynesian techniques. Our care with local products and/or Sothys range, remove tensions, soothe your body and it’s a good things for your energies circulation. More than just a relaxation place, the Dhana Spa take care of your body and your spirit on some activities for your well-being (swimming pool, fitness room, hammm). The Dhana Spa is located on 2nd floor on the hotel with a free parking when we taking care of you.


Opening hours

Monday to Friday
10.00 am / 06.30 pm

10.00 am / 05.30 pm

Reservation at 40 46 38 19 or at [email protected]

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Our 3 spaces : well-being / relaxation and fitness model


1. Book my treatment in advance
Make sure to bring a swimsuit and a change of clothes to make use of the spa facilities (pool, fitness room, steam room, hot tub).
3.Enter the hot tub without any products on your body (showers available).
4. Arrive 15 to 45 minutes before my treatment to make use of the spa facilities.
5. Place my personal items in a locker with a lock (avoid taking valuable items, Dhana spa declines any responsibility in case of theft or loss).
6. Respect the harmony and peace of others at Dhana spa.
7. Enjoy the moment, relax, appreciate…